Sting Operation


Buzzing beautifully (not to mention stylishly) at the side of faceted orange crystal beads is a pair of vintage goldtone metal bee brooches, their wings literally all-aflutter thanks to one of our favorite features of certain vintage jewels known as en tremblant.  (A French term, en tremblant means "trembling, or to tremble" and suggests that a portion of the jeweled creation is mounted on tiny coils, allowing for movement or, as the name suggests, trembling.) The tiny, trembling wings of these golden bugs reinforce their busy-bee reputation, little industrious jewels hard at work wherever you go.  (Best of all? These buddies are detachable, allowing you to wear them wherever you'd like...or enjoy the fiery orange strands on their own, without the help of this dynamic duo.) A gilt copper clasp at back brings the look together at 19" in length.
$ 218.00
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