Spread Your Wings


Time to fly, and oh, how far you'll go!  How high you'll climb, how beautifully you'll soar, what sights you'll see.  Life to be lived with wings spread wide, and you are such a splendid and true example of finding vibrancy and beauty and infinite potential in all things. 

Truth? We spied this 1930s bird brooch in all its emerald-green-jeweled beauty over a year ago at a favorite antique haunt, but couldn't bring ourselves to make it happen.  When it came back around a second time last month, we knew we were meant to go for it, and here she is.  The golden gleam and verdant sparkle of her outstretched wings speak to such hope and encouragement, and the strands and strands (more is more here at Elva, remember?) of faceted colorful crystal only contribute to that strength of spirit we celebrate and enjoy.  A gilt copper floral clasp brings the look together at back, measuring 18" in overall length.

$ 398.00
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