Spoonful of Sugar Necklace


When we discovered a set of tiny antique spoons at a favorite antique mall this fall, we were instantly smitten; their hand-carved decoration showed the most wonderfully delicate abstract floral design on each handle, and their diminutive size was so beautifully appealing. What's more, they were an immediate reminder of one of our favorite songs and sayings by the practically perfect Mary Poppins, "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..." We hope this spoon-turned-pendant serves as a reminder that an element of fun may be found in every job that must be done. Hand-wired to a delicate gilt brass chain, each necklace measures approximately 18" in length with a spring ring clasp at back.

*Note: because each spoon is carefully carved by hand, each will vary just slightly in overall shape and decoration.

$ 38.00
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