Spectacularly Serene

Elva Fields

The gathering of gorgeous happening here is one of spectacular stylishness: seven strands mix beads of recycled African glass, magnesite, jade, turquoise, opal, crystal, coral resin, dalmatian jasper, antique African glass, mother-of-pearl in resin, and silver. All together, the assortment shows such a serenity in its pastel hues, and, simultaneously, a statement-making marvelousness in its sumptuous drape and combination of texture and style. We'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't confess that the most amazing part of it all is the necklace's clasp, an Art Deco buckle at a whopping 5.5" wide that sparkles and shimmers with the most incredible rhinestones across its surface. Choose to wear this stunner at the side to show it off, or wear it at back to allow the strands to shine on their own. Measures 18.5" in length, shortest strand.
$ 378.00
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