Something To Talk About


Just as the song says (sing it, Bonnie!) "Let's give 'em something to talk about..." and this necklace will surely do the trick. (Even my children were wide-eyed and incredulous, immediately inquisitive about this wild design!) Certainly unconventional, entirely unique, and maybe even a little bit zany, this one has been years in the making and is ready for conversation.

Here's the story: I found this AMAZING tassel at one of my all-time favorite outdoor flea markets a few years ago, and I fell head over heels for its two-tone design, giant size, swishing fringe, and its stylish suggestion of a storied past. (Can you imagine the interiors that tassel may have adorned?!) In any case, it had been severed from its matching twisted rope, and I had NO idea how I'd ever string it on a necklace, but back to the studio it came nevertheless. I am not a woman deterred by practicality.

I tried weaving it into knotted cords, tying it to a strand of large silver beads...nothing really seemed to work. It was awkward and cumbersome, and I was sad, but I hadn't yet given up hope. The tassel sat on a tray at the back of my vintage collection for a couple of years...until a few weeks ago when I accidentally found a collection of vintage handmade ceramic beads online. The theory is that these beads were originally made for a macrame supplier to be offered for a heavy-corded design, as the beads are each about 2" in diameter and with holes measuring over 0.5", but they were never used and later boxed up for storage. Until I came along and rescued them...and decided they were the perfect quirky companions to the tassel.

Et voilà: this wild necklace that will no doubt be SO PERFECT for just the right gal willing to take a chance and give people something to talk about. It is enormous and amazing and awesome and there is NOTHING else like it. The splatter glaze of the beads in blue and green with tiny hints of ochre is just stunning. The tassel is phenomenal, the silver beads from Mali bring a rustic elegance to the whole look, and though it's a giant necklace, it's not all that heavy, as the beads are hollow. Truly, I tell you, the stars aligned for these vintage beauties to find each other and create something marvelous to enjoy. Talk amongst yourselves, friends. It's a story to share!

Necklace measures 28" length, tassel another 10" length, all with silvered copper toggle clasp at back.

$ 358.00 $ 248.00
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