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Full disclosure: these beads are incredible. We spent a solid half-hour swooning over them at market earlier this year, deliberating because they were amazing, but expensive. (As if that's ever stopped us...not sure why we hemmed and hawed for thirty minutes--we all know there wasn't a chance we were leaving there without 'em!) Each bead is intricately inlaid mother-of-pearl and abalone, creating the most incredible and luminous striped pattern--on both sides of each coin bead. Truly, they're spectacular, and we haven't even mentioned the subtle shimmering hues as the light hits the beads. Captivating. And we wouldn't blame you one bit if you wanted to wear the strands on their own, with only the addition of the gilt brass beads from India that help create a fluid drape of delight in the five strands. But, in true Elva fashion, we added a golden bloom in the form of a vintage brooch to the side. And the elegant etched finish of the petals and the lovely layered effect of them is just, well, wonderful, but the brooch is detachable, so it's your choice to wear the bloom or not. You can't go wrong, really, there is so much to offer in stripes, shimmer, and stunning. Measures 18" in length with etched and gilt copper toggle clasp.
$ 368.00
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