So Much Love


There is so much love in the world--please always remember that.  And perhaps, even, be a reminder to others of it in thought and deed...and style, on occasion.  An encouraging and hopeful presence, we gathered a collection of seven vintage brass hearts, sifting (digging, really) through a box of old charms we discovered on a recent market adventure.  They are imperfect, blemishes showing age and experience, and their hammered finishes suggest they've felt the hard knocks life can bring.  Nonetheless, their beauty is immediately apparent, perhaps made all the more courageous and inspiring; and, together, they are stunning.  Paired with strands of rich pink magnesite beads, what a lovely way to show the love. Measures 18" in length with brass hook clasp at back.


*PLEASE NOTE: These beads have been color-enhanced and treated with a sealant to preserve their vibrant some cases (rare, but they happen, so we want to be transparent here) certain perfumes, lotions, and oils have been known to penetrate the sealant's finish and cause transfer of color to skin and/or clothing.  We recommend wearing this style with dark fabrics, just to be sure.


$ 308.00
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