Shake A Tail Feather


You know those days when you may need a helpful hint or gentle nudge to perk up, be the light, and add joy to the moment? Maybe coffee or a cocktail does the trick for you, but there's nothing like some gorgeous glittering to get us going, and this vintage brooch does double duty: sparkles and shines and reminds us to shake a tail feather and dance through life. We're smiling already! Suspended among matte black geode beads (themselves with hints of sparkle here and there from glimpses of their crystalline interiors) you'll be sure to get to moving. A vintage rhinestone clasp is adjustable at back, allowing lengths ranging from 18 to 19 inches in length.

Note: We found this feathered friend as is, lacking quite a few of its original rhinestones. We occasionally repair brooches like this with vintage replacement rhinestones, but always ask the recipient their preference before proceeding. Please indicate at purchase whether you'd prefer the brooch untouched or repaired, and allow for additional time in shipping should repair be requested. Thank you!

$ 198.00
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