Sands of Time


Ever changing and ever moving, the sands of time will never stay the same. Luckily there are some things in this world that will never change, and this is one style you can count on to stand the test of time.  Beads of yellow and white African sand glass, with their naturally varying shades and uniquely rough texture, create a sunny backdrop for a pair of jeweled brooches.  The vintage pair - a faux turquoise stunner by Sphinx, and a yellow jeweled dazzler – sparkle at the side, while a gold vermeil and turquoise clasp provides a lovely finish at the back.  From the fresh color combo to the classic melding of old world craftsmanship and modern glamour, this is one piece that will always be in style, no matter how quickly trends may change. Measures 19” overall.  

$ 348.00
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