S is for Serendipity


What a beautiful thing it is when things fall into place without effort or insistence, merely with a graceful ease like a feather floating on a breeze and landing softly.  Such was the case with the vintage ornaments, rich in rainbow hues, a cheerful and glamorous twinkle amongst them.  Some were found on the same vintage adventure (the pair of brooches in purple and green together, actually) and others we've had for several months (the yellow earrings), and still others for more than a year or so (the pink earrings) and, yet, we knew we'd find a way to work them wonderfully into a joyful design. Here they are joined happily together at the side of faceted black crystal beads, sure to bring charm, whimsy, and delight to your days.  Measures 21" in length, silvered copper toggle at back.
$ 348.00
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