Ruled By Imagination


Let your imagination be your guide--rarely does it steer a gal wrong, and often you'll find yourself in the most fun and fanciful of circumstances!  Such is the case with this decadent delight of a design.  We found immediate inspiration in strands of faceted amethyst--between the beads' gorgeous glittering and rich purple hue (yes, even more wonderful in person) we couldn't help but snatch them for the studio.  When we discovered an antique buckle just weeks later (gilt brass, pale lilac rhinestones, delicate enamel work, all dating to the early 1900s...incredible!)  our imagination went wild knowing the two were a match made in heaven.  Enjoy the buckle at front, side, or back, and mix up the look as desired--after all, imagination knows no bounds.  Measures 18.5" in length.
$ 328.00
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