Richness to Authenticity


Showing you're a gal with integrity and style, there is a richness to authenticity when you are genuine with your compliments and sincere with a smile.  (And wearing a necklace like this one, it's clear your sartorial selections are to be admired as well!) Four strands of vibrant faceted turquoise beads are standout and superb, so of course we couldn't help but bring more to the table by adding a pair of vintage jeweled dress clips in the same stunning green hue.  (We fell instantly for their emerald-like hue that shows off a hint of teal flash, making them the perfect complement to the beads below, and their stippled brass settings are an ideal partner in the mix, too.)  A hammered brass toggle from Thailand (original details we can't ever deny adoring) clasps the strands at approximately 18.5" in length.
$ 288.00
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