Rhinestone Roots


We have fond memories of playing dress up with grandmother's and great aunts' jewels – necklaces and bracelets we just knew were made of the finest gemstones and priceless diamonds (fit for the princess we often pretended to be.) Of course, we now know those beautiful baubles were actually rhinestones, but their sparkle is no less lovely in our memories. We're still transported to our imaginative roots when faced with the magnificent sparkle of our vintage finds - especially when they're as brilliantly crafted as this substantial stunner. Measuring an impressive 4 inches wide, this vintage Czech brooch (by Bijoux), set in rhinestones and purple crystals, curves ever so slightly at the side. Three strands of faceted glass briolettes in a royally rich shade of amethyst twist and fall in a uniquely organic way, while a sterling silver hook sits simply at the back. Measures 18" overall. Costume couture, perhaps.

$ 228.00
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