Restored Hope


This buckle arrived as part of an estate auction find, and at first its more narrow size and scale suggested smaller beads or even chains for its accompaniment. Yet, nothing seemed to fit. Either the buckle was too "formal" for the beads or the beads were too large for the buckle...a design just didn't come together, and I started to lose hope that I'd find anything to give new life to this incredibly-beautiful Art Deco buckle. (One of the most lovely I've seen before, actually.) But when a few hand-carved bone beads from Kenya happened to end up next to the buckle on the table in the midst of some major moving-about (a design frenzy of an afternoon, really) in the studio, something just clicked. Adding some Indian silver beads throughout, it all just works - the mix of more rustic and sparkling elegance, the dark and light, the contrast in scale, the mix of textures - hope was restored and it's now a necklace that may be enjoyed, worn, and perhaps even to bring hope to your every day. Necklace measures 18" length, buckle clasp 3" length.
$ 158.00
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