Regal Bearing


Such regal bearing, visible at a glance and secured with a closer look.  When we spied this antique brass buckle on a vintage adventure this spring, we could immediately envision it clasping the belt of the most beautiful baroness or magnificent monarch. Something about its iconography (the bird-serpent figure and it elegantly-curved tail) and materials (gilt metal, marcasite studs, and brocade fabric with gilded threads) lend a sophisticated countenance and sumptuous history to the design. Pairing it with these faceted howlite drops was no question--the gray veining against the gorgeous white ground seems just right for the buckle, both stunning and stylish in their own way. Choose to wear the buckle at front, side, or back, and the look changes as often as you'd like. Measures 17.5" in length, shortest strand.
$ 348.00
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