Rediscovered Beauty


The discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922 led to a renewed fascination and adoration for all things Egyptian, including fashion, interiors, and even music and film. An exhibition of finds from the excavation toured in 1928, and it is believed that this pendant may have been a 1920s or 30s reproduction of a fan handle discovered in the tomb. 

Seeing it on a vintage adventure earlier this year stopped me in my tracks: the details are stunning, from the engraved decoration to the bezel-set gemstones (including agate and amethyst.) Even more fantastic (see what we did there?) is that the reverse of the handle is just as beautiful as the front, and it commands reverence and notice in the most glamorous of ways (without pretense, we think) at front and center of faceted milky chalcedony beads. A subtlety of sparkle and style makes this one an instant classic, as well as a wonderful part of history.

Measures 17" in length with a gilt copper clasp at back. (Handle measures 4" in length.)


$ 348.00
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