Reaching for Joy


Though our initial plans were to incorporate both the brooch and the earrings of this vintage floral set into a necklace, once we started the design, we realized another plan might be in store. Something about the scale of the brooch bloom seemed to make its mark all on its own at the side of these dotted bone beads from Kenya, so what to do with the matching earrings? The clip-back blooms soon became earrings anew, replacing their worn costume pearl centers with real freshwater ones and converting their clip-backs to French wires for pierced ears. Now, we have an entirely new set to enjoy - whether worn together or each on their own, they are joyful and stylish, bringing beauty to any and every occasion along their way. Necklace measures 23" length with gilt copper toggle clasp. Earrings each measure 1.25" length.
$ 218.00
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