Rays Reach the Shore


Do you dream of sand between your toes? Fantasize about the crashing of waves against the shoreline? Ponder endlessly about various exotic salty locales? Well, until you can jet off to a tropical paradise, take a look at the breathtaking jewels we have here-because we think they fit your style to a tee! Three strands of gleaming shell pearl teardrops with perforations of golden pewter are combined with a vintage goldtone burst brooch (a truly substantial statement-maker!) This brooch is detachable, allowing you endless versatility in styling.  Measuring 17.75" and fastening with a gilt copper toggle, these jewels can save you both the time and jet lag, they they bring the endearing beauty and tranquility of a far-off seashore right to your very own collection! 

$ 242.00
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