Rarely Gets the Blues


Your outlook on life is admirable, my dear...one who rarely gets the blues because she finds gratitude on even the grayest of days. You know you can't have the sun without the rain. These, perhaps, are blues you wouldn't mind having--a pairing of beautiful beads and uniquely charming vintage that remind us that joy and sadness co-exist...and that there can be much to love and appreciate about the occasional blues.  Strands of polished blue quartzite beads are beautiful, and made all the more rich by a 1940s bouquet brooch composed of gilt brass and glass-petaled blooms.  (Yes--each of the petals, with their costume pearl centers, is rendered in opaque turquoise blue glass--stunning!)  Measures 17.5" in length with a gilt copper floral clasp at back.
$ 328.00
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