Process of Blooming


It takes time to find your footing, to sink roots into the soil, and then to begin the growth upward toward the light and an eventual blooming in full.  Such a process, but so much beauty in all parts of it.  We found this Art Nouveau brooch several months ago when its brass design and bright red-orange glass gem first caught our eye for the color, but we soon fell in love with the suggestion in the curvelinear winding of the bloom, immediately recalling the slow process of flowering and finding our way.  The discovery of a stash of vintage banded resin beads not long after seemed serendipitous, and we brought them together in a celebration of all things old becoming new again, in brightness of hue, in enjoying the process.  Measures 18" with a gilt copper clasp at back.
$ 238.00 $ 188.00
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