Prepared and Prettiest


If you're anything like us, organization is not your forte, making wardrobe planning for big events, or (let's be honest) every day quite difficult. Now no matter what social event makes it's way onto your calendar, you can be ready – as long as you have this outfit making style within arms reach. A single strand of polished wavy oval jasper ovals, with their unique and varying shape and pale shade of olive and strung together with black crystal, are a lovely statement on their own. They're taken up the extra notch, however, by the large (3.5”) pendant at the front. A vintage black compact from the 1920s, the lid is adorned with a fleur-de-lis and rhinestone pattern – adding the right amount of feminine flair to the streamlined shape. A sterling silver toggle is at the back of this 19” style that is sure to be your 'perfect in a pinch' go to, time and and again. Not only will you look like the most put-together guest in the room, you'll also be the prettiest.  

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