Picked By You For Me


What's funny is that we almost overlooked this vintage flower brooch at the flea recently, thinking maybe it was too much green for something we might create. When, at the urging of a partner-in-crime (Mama Deb) on the vintage adventure, we gave it a second look, it was clear we had misjudged. (I mean, too much green? Is there such a thing?) Fast forward to remembering that we had these oversized green quartz beads in the studio, and we found a forever friendship between brooch and beads!

We love how the bloom rests happily at the side of the strands, showing off its glass-jeweled petals and enamel decoration, while the beads simply do their statement-making thing, with a bit of tumbled green turquoise at back to allow them to drape comfortably around the neck. A silvered copper toggle completes the look, the necklace measuring 19.5" in length.

Note: the green quartz beads have been color-enhanced, and though sealed to prevent color transfer, certain lotions and soaps have been known to occasionally cause a chemical reaction that breaks down the sealant and allows the color to appear on the skin. 

$ 268.00
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