Out of Her Shell


More subtle than the others, you're a gal who doesn't need the spotlight to shine - you come out of your shell only when you feel like it and entirely on your own terms, sure of your self and your shimmering smile. This necklace takes its cue from you, making its own statement without the notice-me-now obviousness that some of our other styles might embody. 

With five strands of mother-of-pearl beads from a vintage necklace that had lost its clasp, we added a carved 1930s mother-of-pearl buckle to gather the gorgeous drape, with simple geometric design that instantly makes this a classic for years to come. (One can never go wrong with anything Art Deco.)

Measuring 17.5" in length, the beautiful buckle may be worn at the side or at back for versatility and sneaky ingenuity.

$ 178.00
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