Open Eyes to See


Sometimes, all it takes is opening the eyes to see the beauty before you.  Perhaps it was there all along, needing only a subtle shift in perspective to notice.  Or, maybe goodness appears unexpectedly, causing the eyes to take in the magic.  No matter, beholding blessings is gratitude unleashed, and the combination here serves as a reminder that we decide what we see. We found this beautiful brooch some months ago and fell for its turquoise glass gems and striking silvery metalwork, but couldn't seem to find the right fit for its setting.  When we saw these striped stunners at market several weeks ago, we instantly knew the African glass gorgeousness would be just the thing.  Here they are, opening our eyes to new pairings and possibilities, showing that we can still surprise ourselves no matter the timing or circumstance. Adjustable from 22.5 to 24" in length with a vintage silvertone hook clasp at back.
$ 358.00
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