Open Doors

Elva Fields

Often in life, we've learned, that it's just when things seem most hopeless that a door opens; and, almost always, it was one we hadn't seen at all. We love the reminder this vintage compact brings of the unexpected grace and goodness of life; of opportunities and beauty that appear when needed, as its lid opens to reveal not one but two compartments beneath it. One door opens to reveal a rouge and powder with mirror, while another (though originally for cigarettes) hinges open with a compartment for credit cards, business cards, or maybe even a open another door. The compact itself, likely from the 1920s, could not be more glamorous, its soft, creamy white enamel exterior a beautiful setting for a green glass medallion at front, like the finest of jade carvings from the exotic East. Paired with glossy, polished black agate beads, this design is sure to make a statement...and maybe even open some doors along the way. Measures 19" in length with a gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 368.00
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