One for the Ages


We discovered this larger-than-life flower brooch among the remnants of an estate that showed some wear and aging ("experience" as we like to say.) While we love to incorporate those celebrated bright, white dazzling rhinestone beauties in our designs, we also adore the more subtle sparkle of the less-than-pristine condition in which we find some of the vintage jewels we feature. In short, we have a soft spot for the underdog, the oft-overlooked, the imperfect. So, of course, we brought this beauty home with us, faded and darkened stones and all. To us, those imperfections are simply part of its story...and it probably means the brooch has been through some amazing experiences.

Which is why we paired it with these polished fossil beads; they get it. They've seen (and been!) so much before now, and what an amazing thought that some of their best days are still ahead. Together, they're ready for the next adventure. (And they're sure to have that with you!) Measures from 18.5 to 20" with an adjustable vintage silver metal clasp at back.

$ 278.00
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