Old Soul


An old soul with a new lease on life, we're all swooning for this simple-yet-stunning style.  Five strands of vintage cut amethyst glass (of course of Czech origin) caught our eye on a recent buying trip, and when we discovered the brooch a few weeks later at a favorite antique spot, we knew they were a match made in heaven.  (We loved the beautifully-crafted vintage jeweled brooch as much for its quality as its subtle sparkle in clear and colored stones.)  The best part?  The brooch is detachable, allowing you to wear the strands on their own (they surely make a statement without the added adornment) or with the brooch at their side for extra glam factor.  Fastening at back with a gilt copper hook, the longer 24-inch length will have your heart and set you off in style.


$ 268.00
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