Not in Vain


We found this quartet of carved mother-of-pearl brooches at a favorite antique mall late last year and were immediately captivated by their detail and form, showing figures at work in various tasks: planting, harvesting, cooking, tending. There is something striking about the effort of their actions rendered in shimmering and elegant mother-of-pearl, and somehow brought a sense that no labor is in vain if done in love. That elegance and beauty is found in the work we do every day. What a lovely reminder to enjoy the task before us. And paired with strands of faceted, patterned fire agate, the overall effect is a mix of whimsy, sophistication, and uniqueness that isn't easily or often found.  Measures 18" in length, shortest strand, with embossed and gilt copper clasp.
$ 398.00 $ 198.00
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