Not a Rule-Follower


Not one to heed unnecessary instruction, you prefer to chart your own path.  Well, meet your partner in crime.  This one's certainly not a rule-follower.  Combining strands of antique kakumba (sometimes kankamba) beads from Ghana and Togo, you'll see smatterings of blue and green, confetti-like wisps of red and orange, and vibrant yellows throughout the glass beads--combinations that buck tradition and push the envelope.  Celebrating at the side of this happy party is a collection of vintage white glass jeweled and rhinestone earrings (one pair by Weiss) that add a touch of sparkle, but a world of "Wait, can she really do that?" kind of attitude.  Just for you, rebellious one.  Measures 19" in length with silvered copper hook clasp at back.
$ 368.00
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