Not A Moment Sooner


You'll arrive where you're meant to be exactly on time and not a moment sooner, despite the plans you had in mind.  We're constantly nudging ourselves to enjoy the journey, to be patient, to let life unfold, and somehow this style captures the essence of these reminders.  Ordered, simple-yet-stunning pendants of soft salmon-pink jasper alternate with faceted and gilt brass beads from India, creating an eye-catching drape that lines up easily, an artful arrangement every time, no matter how it falls.  At the side is a beautiful blossom, a vintage goldtone and rhinestone flower brooch, that urges us to blossom when we're ready.  (And the brooch is detachable, allowing you to wear the strands solo or the brooch elsewhere!) Soon enough, right on time, now, your life is lovely.  Measures 18.5" in length with gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 288.00
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