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Although he thrives in the nighttime, we're giving our friendly owl his day in the sun.  A vintage brooch in colorful enamel and sparkling rhinestones, with an interesting history, (see our story below!) our friendly owl is taking flight against a midnight sky of polished jet and faceted black crystal beads.  An adjustable vintage rhinestone hook allows for a length range of 17.5 to 19," while creating an overall look that will easily guide you from day into night.  

*According to Carla Ginelli Brunialti and Roberto Brunialti's book American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry, 1935-1950 an owl brooch incredibly similar to the one used in this necklace was designed by Robert Geissmann, a German designer living in New York who likely created designs for Coro and other such costume jewelry firms in the 1930s and 40s.  His patent for the "Geissmann Screech Owl" was filed and registered in 1938, and though the attributed brooch features all blue enameled wings and black feet, the overall design is nearly identical to ours.  

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