Never More Happy


Finding true merriment seems such a tricky character... Bounds of books written on the topic, a new lecture every week... It begs one to wonder, how does one really find the happiness they seek? Keep in mind that happiness is a choice, to do what you love is to achieve contentment! If wearing a gorgeous set of bright and magnificent jewels is what brings a smile to your face, we, of course, encourage you to embrace this fully! Eleven strands of coral glass beads from an Old Yoruba tribe necklace are renewed and reformed in this cheerful and vibrant style. Sitting atop these beauties is a glistening blue glass jeweled and rhinestone brooch and earring set hailing from 1960. Fastening with a vintage silvertone adjustable clasp, this style measures 26.5" to 28.5" in length. 

$ 328.00 $ 308.00
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