Never Boring


Life is never boring - and especially not with this bold beauty along for the ride. With its mix of materials, colors, shapes, and textures, there's much to enjoy and celebrate here. Whether it's the carved olive jade flower beads, the recycled pink African glass, polished navy blue coral rounds, or maybe the alternating coral crystal and vintage coral glass line-up, these strands have some fashionable fun happening. Then there's the clasp, which is actually a 1940s buckle of brass mesh and green glass jewels in the most fantastic spiral design. Whether the clasp is show off at the side or it's placed at the back of the neck for a beads-only bonanza, this two-for-one keeps the party going, wherever you're going in life. Measures 23" length, shortest strand. Buckle measures 4.5" length.
$ 318.00
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