Needs No Protecting


With this statement-making style along for the ride, you'll need no protecting, the buckle (almost like a breastplate, really) measuring nearly 7" wide by 4". When we discovered it earlier this year at an antique market in the sunny south, we shared it immediately on social media, so stunned were we by its size and incredible beauty. Truly, we've seen nothing like it in years of vintage adventures. The golden triangular buckle is adorned by hand-wired rows of assorted beads, creating a juxtaposition of texture in glossy golden with beaded stripes. Four strands of natural, raw rock crystal nuggets add another layer of textural beauty, interspersed with faceted brass beads from India for continued touches of golden glow throughout the design. Overall, it's a stunner of a statement, a notice-me-now-I'm-amazing kind of look, one that inspires and expresses and delights all at once - and we think you're just the wonder woman to pull it off. Measures 18.5" in length with a gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 348.00 $ 308.00
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