When we scored a stash of these vintage pressed glass elephants from a favorite flea market last year, we had no idea how we'd use them, but we knew we were smitten by their charm and charisma. Made in Japan, these fun finds seemed meant for a necklace with their simple wire loop tops, but they were less-than-lovely on a simple chain and too fun to toss all together on one when we began playing around with some vintage embroidery floss we found at another flea market (see a trend here?) we knew they'd be the most cheerful and festive pairing yet! We've braided the cords in happy color combinations and added a brass bead at back, allowing you to tie the necklace on as you'd like, whether you're layering it with others or wearing it on its own.

Choose your glass elephant color, but leave the necklace hues to us--we'll pick them at random and send the jewel along for you to enjoy. (But if you have super-strong feelings about a specific combination of colors for your necklace threads, leave a comment in the note section at checkout, and we'll do our best to accommodate!) 

Each pendant measures approximately 0.5" and suspends from cords measuring an average length of 24".

$ 24.00
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