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About a year ago, we came across this brooch at a favorite flea market. Though we considered it for a bit (a long bit, actually), we eventually opted not to make it ours. Later, the inevitable remorse set in...the "why did I pass that up?" questioning that sometimes happens following our vintage adventures. Fast forward to a few weeks ago at that same flea market; as we made our way up to a table of vintage costume jewelry, our eyes immediately fell upon the brooch. Knowing that second chances are often rare, we didn't hesitate this time around. Even better, we had just snagged some stunning faceted turquoise beads on a buying trip the week before, and now they're happily paired and perfectly matched, mixing in some faceted silver beads to accompany the silvertone metal of the vintage turquoise glass and enamel decorated brooch. (And though the design is marked "Indian Tribal Arts" on its reverse, we weren't able to find anything on the piece in our the beautiful brooch remains a mystery!) Measuring 17.5" in length, the necklace fastens with an engraved silvered copper slide clasp at back.
$ 278.00
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