With Refreshed Hope


We all have those days, you know the type; the-hit-every-red-light-spill-your-coffee-and-late-to-everything type of day. And while these are never ideal, and certainly not to be hoped for, they are expected now and then. Luckily, with a sweet smile and positive mindset, you face such occurrences with a refreshed since of hope and understanding, a wise type of knowledge that things do and will get better before you know it. In accordance with such a sweet and pleasant disposition, five strands of green fossil jasper discs and polished turquoise magnesite are adorned by a darling set of gold-tone costume pearl and fur glass jeweled wing back earrings and a gold-tone turquoise glass jeweled brooch (hailing all the way from our Japanese neighbors to the east!) Fastening at back with a vintage gold-tone filigree clasp, this charmer measures 18.5" in overall length. 


$ 248.00
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