Wild Streak


A gal ordinarily orderly and responsible, falling in line and by the rules in most circumstances, pursuing the high road and right choices in life and love...yet that rare occasion, those unexpected once-in-a-while moments that bring out your impulsive, spontaneous, mischievous nature--it's the wild streak we find most appealing and endearing, lovely lady.  Embrace your inner rebel (even just a little bit!) with a design that knows your soul and style:  three strands of polished lapis lazuli slices suspend with elegance and glamour in such refined arrangement--yet a stretch of the center strand shows ever the slightest hint of flash and free-spirited nonconformity with beads of gilt agate, a perfectly imperfect inclusion to remind you of your beautiful uniqueness in unrestraint.  (Even if only in a blue moon...)  A gilt copper and lapis-jeweled clasp at back brings the design together at 18" in length.  Go ahead, walk on that wild side for a bit.

$ 278.00
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