Musings on Life


Your musings on life have us all thinking more intentionally about who we are and who we want to be, just as we ponder the rich beauty available here in both bead and brooch. There is much to notice, appreciate, and enjoy, and we love that this necklace is a reminder to do a bit more of that. First, the beads. Truly, we could gaze at these greens all day long; the delicious hue of these faceted opal beads is what drew us to them to begin with. Stunning examples of the stone, these Peruvian stunners show off such an organic, natural quality of beauty, with shades from sea-inspired aqua to more rich olive and even mint in the mix. Depth and delight abound. A few weeks later, when we found this flower at the flea, we wondered if it might be right for the beads. With its fine filigreed silver wires, all created by hand in Mexico, this vintage bloom seems to align with the opal's "come as you are" presence, not needing any polishing of petals or refinement of design. Together, and with faceted Indian silver beads throughout, it's a natural, wonderful, beautiful arrangement...just as it is. (How's that for a musing on life?) Measures 18" in length with a silvered copper box clasp at back.
$ 368.00
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