Most Thoughtful Intention


When we spotted this antique green cinnabar pendant at an antique market this spring, we couldn't stop staring at the beautifully-carved floral decoration in the wonderfully-hued jewel - what a find! Then, bringing it back to the studio and seeing that it might be just the right fit for strands of hand-wrought silver beads from Mali (beads we haven't seen in some time) was a discovery that brought a second round of joy. Together, pendant with scalloped setting and the stunning silver African beads, they form a beautiful collar around the neck - and, more importantly, one that is effortlessly elegant in so many ways...but most of all because of their lovely lightweight feel; the beads are hollow, so they make impact without being cumbersome. A silvered copper clasp at back secures the necklace at 19" in length, shortest strand.
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