Merry and Cheerful


When we found this collection of delightful daisies this summer, we swooned...but had no idea how we'd use them in a design.  We just knew we adored the friendly flowers, their hand-carved petals bringing a smile and wonderment at the detail and care it took to create the beautiful blooms, each entirely unique.  They were originally intended as necklace pendants, each individually tagged for sale by a long-closed jewelry store but never used--pristinely preserved since their creation.  A few weeks ago, we grinned and laughed out loud when we spied strands of pumpkin-hued vinyl sequin beads from Africa, knowing the design was meant to be, all merry and cheerful and entirely serendipitous.  Daisies in December--how delightful! Measures 18" in length with gold vermeil clasp at back.
$ 288.00
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