Lucky Seven


Featuring some of our all-time favorite beads (rarities that we simply no longer see on our vintage adventures) our latest limited-edition style is certainly one to snag.  Antique glass "snake vertebrae" beads hail from Africa, a Czech design that was created in the early 20th century to replicate the original bone beads seen and worn throughout Africa for protection and prosperity. 

Each necklace will include seven assorted zig-zag beads (in any combination of pink, red, navy, or turquoise) on a gilt brass chain measuring either 16" or 18" in length.  We created each necklace to be entirely unique, and we hope you'll love the design that makes its way to you despite not selecting a specific arrangement.  In keeping with its heritage and origin, the lucky seven beads of your necklace--whatever colors they may be--are meant to bring good things ahead. 

$ 58.00
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