Love Blooms Anew


Lilies of the valley are such romantic flowers, don't you think? The sweetest little bouquet for a simple wedding or the lovely scent that lingers like a beautiful memory, or a symbol of new beginnings and new love... Needless to say, they are a sentimental nod to love and heartfelt happiness, so I was thrilled to find this vintage brooch that so beautifully depicts the blooms. One catch: I quickly discovered that the costume pearl coating on the dangling flowers was cracked and chipping. My heart sank - I had big plans to pair the brooch with some beautiful pearls I'd been saving. When I finally sat down to consider whether or not to abandon hope on the brooch, I realized there may be a solution. As I slowly chipped away some of the pearly finish, I noticed the flowers were made of white glass, so I began to remove all of the damaged finish that was covering them and found that the blossoms were even more beautiful in white than in costume pearl. Upon further realization, I remembered I had unexpectedly found a collection of never-used/dead stock vintage white beads from Japan last summer that might be the perfect pairing for these little lilies. Sure enough, they are the most marvelous match, the same shade of white, similar in shape (I can't get over the little dimples of the flowers and the beads and how wonderful they are together!) and even the graduated size drapes so delightfully with the scale of the brooch. This one was just meant to be. Necklace measures 18" length at its shortest strand with a gilt copper box clasp at back.
$ 308.00
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