Little Bit Lucky


Here in the South (or maybe it's everywhere, and we've only just heard it around here...) we believe crickets are good luck. So if we see one hopping from our front porch to our living room, or we hear it chirping in some corner behind the sofa, we let it be - no sense in taking any chances with luck these days, as we need all we can get, right? So why not have a happy harbinger of good fortune along for the ride wherever we go? 

That's just what we thought when we decided to add this golden guy to the side of five strands of faceted aqua-hued agate beads. (Can you even believe those beautiful blues?!) The vintage rhinestone cricket is a brooch that clasps on as desired over tiny golden brass beads from Turkey, so you may choose to bring your lucky buddy along elsewhere as needed and enjoy the agate bead strands without him every once in a while. No matter how you choose to wear this one, we're certain much beauty is ahead.

Necklace measures 18" length shortest strand with gilt copper hook.

$ 248.00
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