Like Peas


Like peas in a pod, they say, but I've not seen anything quite like these vintage beauties! I was nothing short of giddy at the discovery of this vintage brooch at auction - between the ribbed texture of the pea pods and the way the little bead peas move up and down on their wire at the inside of each pod - it is simply scrumptious! Charm abounds, friends. Adding to the whimsy and delight, I thought an assortment of handmade translucent glass beads from India would make for a fun set of strands. Olive green, bright aqua green, sky blue, and a rosy pink all mix and mingle, with tiny faceted brass beads for hints of golden throughout. A gilt copper clasp is adjustable at back, allowing lengths from 17 to 18" overall.
$ 268.00
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