Life's Twists and Turns


You wouldn't know it from looking at it, but this necklace is a perfect metaphor for life; how, through the unexpected twists and turns it rarely turns out quite the way you planned, but often (always, really) unfolds much more beautifully.

The original design called for the vintage celluloid buckle (in all its gorgeous green-brown-and-cream combo glory) to become the buckle of hand-carved dotted bone beads from Kenya. Mid-construction, the buckle elements adhered to the back of the interlaced components suddenly snapped off, leaving just the buckle's knotted ornaments without a means of fastening. The necklace sat in the studio for several weeks as we pondered next steps. It seemed we might have to scrap the idea altogether, which was frustrating and disappointing, but one day a new idea emerged.

The 1930s knots could be decorative, a transition between dotted bone beads (with hints of green vintage glass from the 20s throughout) and smooth, creamy bone beads at back, creating a longer-length style that brings fun and fashion to the table. (Or wherever you're headed...this one is as comfortable at cocktails as it is running errands, stylishly of course!) Measures 26" in length, shortest strand.

$ 258.00
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