Let's March On


Onward and upward, we say - especially if this beauty gets to come along on the adventure! Though the buckle, a 1920s design that here becomes the clasp of this necklace, is like the loveliest lattice with flowers blooming among its trellised arches, and is one of the most wonderful we've found (and it kind of boggles the mind to think it's 100 years old!) look closely at the beads and you'll see why we can't quite decide on a favorite feature here! 

Alternating strands of matte-finished sandy quartz and vintage glass create a playful-yet-sophisticated juxtaposition, all enjoyable and oh-so-appealing. It's the vintage glass beads we love best, though, from a broken hand-knotted necklace that was part of a Kentucky estate of vintage jewelry we were lucky enough to bring into the studio. The beads likely date to the 1920s as well, each with their pressed decoration accented by hand-coloring that at one time may have been gold, but now shows as a more terracotta hue. They are remarkable beads, and the aqua-jade elephants along with the ivory rounds are simply splendid.

Whether the buckle shows up at front, or one chooses to wear it at back, the strands drape delightfully, and it's a look that is nothing short of marvelous either way. Measures 20" length, shortest strand, with clasped buckle measuring 4" width.

$ 328.00
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