Let Your Arrow Go


Whether waiting for Cupid to play matchmaker, or he's hit the bull's eye for you and your mate, this design embraces all the love and romance of Valentine's Day in the most hopeful and cheerful of ways.  Strands of polished purple magnesite hearts mix and mingle with tiny beads of coral, Indian brass, and pink quartz, creating a colorful drape both stylish and substantial.  Hearts will be all-aflutter on their own, or certainly beat a bit faster with the addition of a vintage pink glass jeweled brass arrow brooch at the side.  You'll love that it's detachable, allowing you to wear the arrow elsewhere (beautiful on a sweater or jacket) or with the happy heart beads here.  Fastening the strands at back is a gilt copper toggle clasp, creating an overall length of 18.5 inches.
$ 258.00
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