Left the Hive


At some point you realized your life was calling you elsewhere, away from the familiar, far from your comfort zone. You left the hive and sought your own path, blossoms and blooms elsewhere to bring sustenance and nourishment.  This beautiful bee, rendered in sterling silver, is like this, yet unlike any other we've seen before, and we were giddy at its discovery with a favorite collector earlier this year.  A vintage brooch by Italian jeweler Guglielmo Cini, the details are remarkable; from the textured thorax to the linear supports of the outstretched wings, it's a masterpiece celebrating nature's wonder.  Strands of rock crystal pendants, along with Indian silver beads, provide a pristine perch for the insect, and we made sure to allow the brooch to be detachable.  This way, the bee may buzz alongside a jacket lapel or sweater shoulder, or you can enjoy the clear crystal strands without your favorite wing-man.  Measures 18" in length with silvered copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 358.00
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