Lean In


Some advice we've heard when things get tough: lean in.  Sit with the discomfort, fear, or frustration.  Learn something from it. Then move through it gently.  When we saw this buckle among vintage remnants of an estate collection, our first thought was that direction: lean in.  The angled design of the goldtone buckle so beautifully suggests what seems hardest to do, but so necessary to grow.  Add strands of some of our favorite African glass beads (from the Masai tribe of Kenya, beads we found just once before, nearly 4 years ago) we weren't certain we'd ever find again, and it's a powerful force for good things to come.  Choose to wear the buckle at front, side, or back as desired--flexibility and versatility only enhance your experience.  Measures a flattering 18.5" in length, shortest strand.
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